A man's work is never done!


I’m as proud of my English heritage as the 5 Korean masters were of theirs. I have always loved the herringbone pattern in brickwork, in jackets, and in pots. So with these last few pots I thought I would celebrate my being a Brit with some herringbone and the puncheong decoration I learned in Korea. Let’s call it a celebration of two cultures.
I made a couple of the bowls into baskets for my friend Ann and I went over the edge of minimalism for my stand up guy- Dennis.  As you all know a man’s work is never done so I’m still working on pots when I ought to be packing. A potter friend of mine Wayne Cardinalli said most people tip toe to the edge of the cliff only to find it is 11 miles away. I am not one of these people. I go to extremes and then walk back that is if I don’t kill myself in the process.
I did some circles of puncheong and some rouletting of herringbone. What I like of the puncheong circles is pushing the soft clay out to form these umbrellas or shields. Let’s call them shields or witches hexes to protect me from harm’s way.  Man did I put some honkin’ handles on these babies. No mistaken who made these! Developing a signature in your work takes time and dedication. Then you have to bet your bottom dollar.  Believe in the work. Believe in your creative force. Say yes when everybody else is telling ya no.
I’ll send pics from across the puddle. I'm going to show them some handles. These last few days  has just been me warming up. 

May even have a pint for y’all.


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