Blame it on the moon

I’ve been making moon jars for decades. Here is the shape of my standard ware no nonsense teapot that I have been making for nearly 2 decades. It is a dang moon jar with a lid, spout and a handle! I always told students to imagine farting in the bath tub and imagining what the shape of the bubble would look like. That is the shape I like for a teapot. A sphere with lots of volume looking like it is full of air.  I left Huang Gu’s mini moon jar in the workshop and glanced over and thought holy shitzkie that is the shape of my teapot.  I was tempted to trim a narrower foot on the pot but it is a teapot and must be stable on the table.
I have never really been able to make vases. I always have turned them into jugs. Now with this revelation that my teapot is actually a moon jar I am going to make some bigger forms thinking I am making a teapot and turn them into moon jars. Of course the moons will have surface texture and handles.  Blame it on the moon for my new love of vases and flowers.


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