Keepin' the rock rollin"

Well I just got in from a workshop in Ottawa where I set up a show and then had a two day hands on workshop with 12 keeners. It still amazes me how I can make some good saves with pots that look like there is no way possible to help them survive.  I had a knickname at Sheridan as Mr. Mojo because of my ability to correct a problem. It just comes with the magic of your hands and not giving in.
I was then able to visit my son Jay and my two grand daughters for Father's Day. My pride in being a father is surpassed by the pride I have in the great job my son and his wife Denise have done in raising Abby and Olivia.
I am pooped from the week, the driving, the being on and now I have to get ready early in the morning for another workshop of sorts. My group of wood firers are arriving to load the big bourry box tomorrow. We fire Tuesday and Wednesday. I need to either glaze for a gas firing or start making so that when I get back in  mid July from Wales I have some pots. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I am off to Wales next week to present at the Aber

ystwyth International Ceramics Festival. This is a really BIG deal for me. I just have to keep this rock rollin'. At this moment it feels like I am pushing it up the hill.  


Unknown said…
I was one of the "keeners" at your 2-day workshop at the Shenkman Centre in Orleans, Tony. I am hear to tell you that I enjoyed every minute of it.....I learned a lot from you and can't wait to put some of it into practice after some practice!! You definitely are the master of saving pots that if left up to me were back onto the wedging table. I love the fluidity of your pots and look forward to future workshops of yours should you choose to come back. Thanks for two great days. Laraine
Joseph Travis said…
I love your work and can't wait to see you work up close at the International Ceramics Festival. I was wondering if at some point while you are there if I could interview you and buy you a drink.


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