Blundies, sneakers and berkies

Well the wood fire group are here to load Cassius Clay the big bourry box. He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. We have a nice load of pots and the wood is prepped and ready to go. This time we have a nice mix of ash and some pine for finishing. We are half way thru the mentorship and I am very pleased with directions everyone is heading. I think everyone is starting to get comfortable in their own shoes. If you're going to walk the walk you need to be wearing sensible shoes.  Jen is wearing the steel toe Blundstones a great choice for a wood firer. Chris is in the sneakers. Her boots are in the car- I hope. Catherine has the berkies and the sun dress. Hmmmmmm we will need to talk. Long sleeve cotton is best even though it is hot and sticky just like the pots are going to be.
As I write this Cassius Clay is in the capable hands of some now seasoned firers. I'm going to Johnnie's Restaurant for my greasy spoon breakfast. I missed my Sunday treat. On a sad note Mrs. Johnnie sold the business and I am going for the first time to train the owner on how to treat me. I will miss Mrs. Johnnie saying " Good morning, dear!"


Dennis Allen said…
Usually I see a lot of women in sensible shoes around a wood kiln. Those Birkies gotta go before she loses some toes.

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