Silver Wings

are taking me away. Really excited to be presenting at the Potter's Festival in Wales. This has been a life long dream come true. In my opening introduction I will be sure to let everyone know that the cutie arm piece 28 years younger than me is my daughter and not my date.   A potter friend from South Africa -Tracey emailed and told me she has a cold beer waiting for me. What a small world this world of clay is. I have been sooooooooooooo blessed to be part of it for my entire life. Can't think of better people in the entire world to hang with. You out there are all part of my clay family.
Robin and I will visit the Hiut Denim Company that I am a fan of , off to Newcastle on Tyne to venture out hiking and see our part of the world where the Clennell family worked in the damp dark coal mines. At the end of our journey we are hoping to hook up with my former student Amber Zuber in London. Amber has been accepted to the Royal College of the Arts for her Master's degree. The gospel according to Clennell is spreading far and wide.See ya in cyberspace! Hugs. T


Dennis Allen said…
Why oh why would you tell everyone that beautiful woman is your daughter. Keep 'em guessing. Have a great trip.
Trish said…
Have an absolutely FANTASTIC time, Tony and your daughter..what a treat for both of you. Wales, the land of my paternal heritage as well.. looking forward to your tales of the trip. Cheers, Trish from Alberta

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