Bowling for Dollars

After my post about the boats and what on earth are people going to use them for I decided to spend Saturday night going bowling. I made some 3 piece bowls and while making them Andrew and I listened to the blues and talked pots. He made a great suggestion that I went to bed on, woke up and was so excited to get to my pots I didn't even have time to turn the radio on. He thought my ribbon handles needed to be beefed up at the edge. Not be so ribbon thin. So with some sleep I came up with the pulled handle on each side of the hand built handle. Some would say "excessive" and I would answer "excess is never enough."  I have built a reputation on one single element of a pot- the handle. Go big or go home!
You asked for some better pics of the boats. I will have them photographed but until then Andrew took these pics which are a big improvement. Hey Doc the red shino is one where I added alumina oxide as a replacement for the kaolin. I'm diggin' it! Nice and brain like inside.


smartcat said…
Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess!
sddonlon said…
Ooh, I dig your "excess"!!!

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