A visit to the Doctor

Hey Doc Ric thanks for all the kind words of “go Bro” about my current feverish work ethic.
My horoscope says I’m on the verge of a breakthrough that has been alluding for some time.  Not sure whether it is in the work or in me. No matter, I feel great and with Andrew here as good company and conversation, I’m rockin’ and rollin’.
He makes me think proudly of my legacy of the many awesome students that are out there    working hard at what appears to most as impossible odds.  A life in the arts has never been easy!!!

My Uncle Jim was my best friend and I owe my life as a potter to him. Mick Casson  of Wales was probably the best teacher I could ever have imagined. I will honour them both as I present at the Aberystwyth Ceramics Festival in July.
A good student is like a good patient. They come to you for your advice because they trust in you to help them get better.  They actually follow your advice! I’m sure Doc there is a trend of patients going on the internet to diagnose themselves and tell you what is wrong with them.  I trust in you Doc so you come to Italy in October with me and trust me there will be an improvement in your health. Your artistic health.
Here is some of Andrew’s current work.  I do oversize handles. He is developing a look with his oversize knobs.


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