Asserting my manhood

I'm back in the Land of the Living and pots are starting to happen in the workshop. Whenever ya go away for a workshop there seems to be endless amounts of catching up to do. Pay some bills! The rest will have to wait. Catch up on correspondence regarding workshops and courses I am presenting here at Pinecroft. Combine all this with the killer NCECA  flu and your house falls apart. Today I had to take a stand and assert my manhood. I did 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed the Cactus Lounge, went grocery shopping,  did the dishes and started my dinner which includes many veggies I have overlooked in the past month. Being a  real man is a tough job! I really don't know how we men do it all. The other day a potter friend that reads my blog said that I stir things up sometimes. My answer was I'd rather drink water than be near beer. I hate the taste of water. I have to agree with W. C Fields " I hate water. Fish fuck in it!".
So pour me a good IPA or a top shelf bourbon. If you are going to have a flavour make it memorable.


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