More on marriage!

What a beautiful marriage of fine art and fine craft. To see craft displayed with such presence surrounded by fine art really makes you feel you are looking at objects of value.
Wow! Finally a gallery(Shane Norrie Contemporary)  that doesn't subscribe to the pile it high and watch it fly theory. What a beautiful space and what tasteful display of the work. The opening was absolutely mobbed so I didn't get a chance to get any pictures and besides I forgot my phone. These pics are from my friend Chris Williamson.
There is a nice stable of ceramists me, Reid Flock, Shirley Clifford, Kayo Young,  Mary Philpott, Michelle Mendlowitz and Shane Norrie.  I was also blown away by the painters. This is a pic of Shane Norrie in front of one of his paintings. The ceramics were displayed on their own.  The visual impact of seeing one of my teapots on it's own small shelf at eye level on a white wall was very powerful. The form of the teapot looked so beautiful.
Congrats Shane and Elizabeth for such a clear and strong vision. Being displayed in this gallery makes me want to do better.  Really looking forward to spending more time in Stratford, Ontario. What a great town with lots of energy and that energy just hit the boiling point.



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