I'm getting married!

It's official, I'm getting married! It is going to be a white wedding. I'm tying the knot and making this union forever. I have been in love with her almost all of my life so it is now time to say "I do"  just before I become an official old geezer and everyone thinks i have just lost my mind. I have dreamed of her in white so white on white it is. 
She has been a wonderful mistress and I sure hope that this formality doesn't change our love of getting hot and sticky together. I've caressed her with my hands almost everyday of my adult life. I know what she likes and it pleases me that she responds without hesitation. Her form as age has presented itself just seems to be getting better. She has aged beautifully. I love you, Clay! Please be mine!
Hey it may be April but I'm no fool! I'm going to keep this affair of mine going just the way it is. Me , Jack the Bear and the Cactus Lounge. 
Here are some yunomi's I made from 80 porcelain 20 stoneware, put my thick slip on in place of a handle and then dipped them in 70 Grolleg, 30 (120mesh) molachite. When you dip and pull out quick it gives a nice rim like a wave coming in or the drift of a snowbank.  I wanted white on white for our perfect day.


Sandy Ellis said…
I look forward to every one of your posts, Tony, and so enjoy. The yunomis are exquisite. Sandy Ellis
gz said…
once clay finds you, she has got you!

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