Who's Crazy?

I came home from North Carolina with a new passion as if I needed another. I got hooked on Outsider Art after reconnecting with my pal Clyde Jones and him graciously giving me a painting of the two snakes. I had visited Crystal King pottery right after getting my painting. Krystal said she had been flirting with Clyde for years and he had never given her anything. Crystal is a bit of a southern expert on Outsider Art and has some nice pieces for sale at her pottery.  I couldn’t get this piece “Love Nature” by Georgia Outsider Artist Jeff Payne outta my mind. So I was turning 65 and becoming a geezer so I treated myself to it. I figure I will put it in the Rat’s Nest to keep Ronnie’s Rat and Clyde’s Two Snakes company. This is my guest room. I wonder if they will stay long?
Here is a translation of Jeff Payne’s narrative on the back of the painting. “If nature was a flower petal that would always be a beautiful meadow where flowers grow on every hill and critters gather in the hills below.”

Now ain’t that beautiful! Maybe the rest of us need to be institutionalized and let Jeff and Clyde well enough alone in their world that only sees beauty.  


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