Turning Amish

I ain't gonna have water, heat or hydro in the place. First of all I don't need water for anything that my hose won't do, and I don't plan on anyone coming to look at pots after dark.  If my friends the Amish can pull it off so can I. As for heat I guess the pots will get a little cold.
Once in a former life I had a showroom that was open to the public. There was a pile of kraft paper, some shopping bags and people packed their own pots. They would either leave me a cheque in a big bowl on the counter or they would mail it to me. It was the honour system and it worked. I believe it will work here in my little town too. I'm going to have a sign made up that reads. If I'm here, I'm here! If I ain't, I ain't. Self serve. A locked door only keeps an honest man out.
I got these big red cement slabs at the landscape place for $4 each so now all I have to do is dig them into the grass so I can mow over them with my mower. With this lingering cough I figure I might get 4-5 a day done.


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