Mountain Money

There is only one thing your paper money is good for in the mountains. Might as well use it as TP cause ya can’t buy anything.
I decided I’d make my own substrates. My friend Grass was glaze painting on the thin smooth ones seen in the upper centre of the picture. I want to make my own since I’m not a smooth or thin kinda guy.  I like thick tiles and I love surface texture. I made this clay outta kaolin, nep sy, fiberfax and TP. The thin 2 ply TP is best. Not so kind on your bum but it makes good paper clay.  Mixed it up and spread it in some basic wood frames set on drywall.  I have fired this clay before in the wood kiln and it fired a beautiful peach orange. My original plan was to make thick flat tiles and do dry glaze painting on them but as soon as trowel hit clay I knew I wanted to create surface texture.
So with all that hasn’t gone on this past few weeks  I am postponing my sale till next Saturday the week before Mother’s Day. You can drop by this weekend if ya want. I’ve got lots of pots from all my different stages over the past 3 years. I want to move em out and make room for the new.  I could use some good company and ya gotta see my new sexy little shed with it’s barn board shelves. Pots are priced to sell not just for sale. 


Dennis Allen said…

My pricing strategy is " I ain't runnin' a damned museum here" hope this weekend puts you in a panic for the following one.

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