The Power of Love

I have always believed in the power of love. Objects that are made with love are my preference and so are people that I love and they love me back. Today was a nice day at The Cactus Lounge. First of all I’d like to thank all of you for the kind B-Day wishes yesterday. It is impossible to feel alone when there is such a community there expressing love. Emma Smith and her husband Jesse Black came for the day. We had lunch, visited the best meat shop in town (Springwater Packers), the Amish, the Mexican Mennonites, did some computer work and enjoyed our friendship. They delivered a wedding table. I attended their wedding in Sept and dined at one of these tables that Jesse made. I bought one and they delivered it today. So now it is not just a table it is their wedding table. It is a lovely memory of that day and my young friends. It will host a lot of friendship in it’s life here at my home.

Sitting having a bourbon and looking at a hutch my Robin gave me on permanent loan. It is an old painted beauty and I will care for it till one day it is hers again. In the mail came a card from Hester Meyers with a birthday wish. It was from a topless and bottomless bar in New Orleans. Such a reputation I have earned I can’t begin to imagine how. Ron sure got the memo on how to be a successful potter- Marry Well! Hester is one of the most thoughtful human beings on the planet. Hey love to y’all!


Unknown said…
The new photo at the top of your blog is a winner! Really like it.
Sandy Ellis said…
Happy Birthday, kindred spirit Tony

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