Will work for food!

I got my new little outdoor showroom ready to rock and roll. I’ve got mostly old stock and some good seconds. If there is something wrong it meets the hammer so they are good pots just not gallery quality. The little gallery has the new work and the seconds and old stock are on ware carts under my covered deck where the food and wine will be.
I need to make some money this weekend to go do some heavy duty grocery shopping. I want to stock up just in case I have to house a bunch of my American potter friends that may well be considering becoming refugees. Americans are not just like any kind of refugee. They eat more so you can see my dilemma. I’ll be able to put them to work around here for a short period of time but eventually they’ll want to move into the cultural center of the province –Toronto. Gee, most of the city has been claimed. Toronto has Little Italy, Little India, Greek Town, China Town and others. Most of the central core of the city has been claimed so I figure Little America will have to be in Scarborough out on the Golden Mile. There are lots of fast food joints out there and temporary accommodation could be
had at The Hava Nap Motel. You can stay long term, by the day, or the hour.

Just fired off another kiln and it went like clockwork. Back in the zone. Come out this weekend if you can.


Brenda Neall said…
Have a great sale, Tony! .... if I weren't so durn far away (west coast), I'd be there for sure!
smartcat said…
Just a little too far from southern New England!

Toes crossed for empty shelves by the end of the week end!

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