Celebrating my vices

It’s official I am a geezer. If there is any consolation for getting old I now get some passive income and a free fishing licence. So now all I need is time to go fishing. Today I’m going to celebrate my vices. I got a wee bottle of a top shelf bourbon Woodford Reserve to drink out a nice hand blown glass my friend Jen Drysdale gave me. I’m going to toast my buds at USU that introduced me to American whiskey. I’m going to smoke a Cohiba cigar in honour of my dad who smoked El Producto’s when we went fishing. Going to think of smoking my first Cohiba with Doc in Italy and thanks to my daughter Robin for giving me some from her humidor. I’m going to chase the bourbon and cigar with a Bone Shaker IPA. I was introduced to IPA by Donovan Palmquist while building the wood kiln.. I’m going to finish my book “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway and think of my Uncle Jimmie. He paid for my working in the pottery with any book I wanted. That started a live long love of the written word.  I’m going to grill a beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and think of my two brothers in the province of my birth- Alberta. I’ll cook some broccoli, carrots and a baked potato just because I heard vegetables are good for you and I wanna stick around a little longer to see the loves of my life my two kids and 3 grand daughters get old too.

There is an other advantage of ageing. They think you’re senile anyways so why not let them think you’ve really lost it.  At age 65 I think I need a stronger word. How did this sneak up on me????


Dennis Allen said…
I'll toast your geezerhood tonight with some Wild Turkey.
Glad you've joined the 65 club it's great.
smartcat said…
Raising my glass to you!
Anonymous said…
It did not sneak up on you. It was whoop in' and hollerin' all the way. Remember those achy backs, the sore knees and shoulders. That was the old geezer. I share one with you tonight. Welcome!

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