The Old Guard

Last night my buddy Chris Snedden and I went to the Hamilton Potters Exhibition at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario. I'd have to say it was a winning night for many of HPG's Old Guard. I have to be careful using that word old as I myself enter Geezerhood. The awards went to many of the people that have worked diligently for the HPG for the over the past 20 years that I have been a member of the Guild. I'm sure this will encourage them to keep contributing to the Guild and keep up their dedication to their ceramic works. Some of the award winners were friends Maureen Landry, Louise McCann, and Barb Sachs all of whom have served the Guild for decades. Mid career winner was Duncan Aird from our wood fire mentorship group with a purchase award of one his big boys. Yeah Duncan! I must say he had much stronger forms in the Hours and Ours Show 6 weeks ago. Ya can't show what ya have shown before. He would have killed with those pots. There was a small smattering of some of my recent Sheridan students work- Teresa Dunlop, Karla Rivera and Freida Pererra. Second place went to Janni Fraser who I had a partnership with  in a gallery in Jordan, Ontario some 15 years ago. We had a show "Works in Shino" highlighting this maverick elusive glaze that crawled and crazed and did all kinds of crazy shit that you aren't supposed to like.
Here is a pic of me with Alison Brannen First Place Winner. Alison has also served in so many ways for yes "decades'. Sorry Alison but it's true. So there is Chris Snedden VP of Fusion, Alison, yours truly and Louise McCann.
 Congrats everyone on a lovely show. Tonight I am off to the Ingersoll Potters Guild to have cocktails and dinner with my old Fusion friends Shirley Clifford, Barb Murphy and guest NC glaze guru John Britt. I am quite the social butterfly.


smartcat said…
Nice show with good friends!

Don't you have a birthday Sunday! Remember, as we age we get to stretch the annual celebrations. (I'm up to two weeks)

Here's to another year of dancing, singing, potting, and all good stuff as you circle the sun!

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