You're Damn Right I Got the Blues

You're damn right I got the blues from my head down to my shoes.
I can't win cause I don't have a thing to loose. _ Buddy Guy
I got da blues. I've tried everything from alcohol, drugs( like Bill Clinton I didn't inhale), yoga, meditation, therapy, exercise and self help books. The blues are back. People like it when ya have the blues. The more you suffer the better they like it.
Unloaded the gas kiln just now and I have the blues big time. This glaze is really forming some nice crystals like ice break up on my near by Lake Erie.
We have Dick Aerni coming to Pinecroft at the end of May and Dick and I or a bit of soul mates in that we have both been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. He is a master glazer with a spray gun. I'm a dust man. I like to add layers of dry glaze on horizontal surfaces. I just scrap the stuff off the sides of the glaze bucket and sieve it on with a kitchen screen. For vertical surfaces if I'm worried it is going to blow off on the way to the kiln I just spray it with a bit of water and sugar.
I learned this many years ago from Old Bull Ron Roy. I have a very nice "Snow Plate" of Ron's. He sprayed a terra sig on porcelain and then put a crumbs of a white glaze on the rim. It is a beauty!
Well I got to get hustling. Final prep for my grand opening of my new little showroom. It isn't big but it's small!


smartcat said…
Potters are amazing people! There is always something new to learn and share.
DYN-O-MITE glazes!
I think your little showroom may be more like the Tardis.
Anonymous said…
Those are gorgeous!

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