Heartache,mistakes and near disaster!

Those are the blog posts that reach the highest readership

numbers. Blog readers are like rubber neckers at a car accident. Hey Fred, I think I see body parts! 
So I’ll give you one of my biggest mistakes. It was the selling of my gas kiln. The move to the city would have been OK but without my kiln spelled disaster. I was convinced that a good potter namely me could make pots anywhere, with any kiln and at any temperature. It ain’t true! Along with my gas kiln went my showroom. Really bad move! I figure the ones that are making it in the pottery world are selling at least some of their own work. My long time friends Don and Maureen Ross who wholesaled almost exclusively said you needed a Ram press to be able to produce the amount of pottery to make a decent living at wholesale. They were right!
So in the past year I have staggered back to what I think is a winning formula. The gas kiln I got going in November. I work in my basement which is awesome since it is the biggest studio I have ever had- 1100 square feet. It isn’t however the best place to display pots.

The Amish arrived today and put up my little backyard gallery. I’m going to paint the walls and hang some nice barn board shelves  I have some sexy big bricks to put down for a walkway. Friends are going to help me do some creative landscaping and voila a showroom.  I have 3 years of changes in direction piling up around me so I’m going to have a sale on April 23, 24 so I will send y’all an invite to come out for a drink and a nibble and we’ll hoist a toast to starting all over.


Bonnie Staffel said…
I feel for you, Tony. Bet many of the professional potters have had to make similar drastic moves. In the span of time in my career it has happened to me as well. You seem to have made some good choices with your new digs. I wish you the best. Good to have friends and family who will come to your aid as well. Bonnie
gz said…
That is a really beautiful little building.
We've just moved , it does make you re-assess what you do and how you do it. Now I have to build a fire-proof little shed for my gas kiln....wont be as pretty!
smartcat said…
What a neat little house; it will make a great showroom. I like the tin roof, although I guess they aren't tin anymore! Will it have heat?
Jane said…
Brilliant! I think you may have helped me solve my no-proper-space-for-a-showroom-in-my-backyard-studio problem.

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