Christmas Decoration

This is probably the highest decoration on the tree. This one can even replace that Tony Clennell look alike angel you have at the top of your Christmas tree.
The Order of Canada is given to a very select group of people that have made a difference in our country by enriching the lives of others.
It is true that most artists are considered “flakes” so it is fitting that my friend Robin “Grass” Hopper has been awarded this countries top award for his outstanding achievement as a flakey potter, author and educator.  Grass will receive a medal in the shape of a six-point snowflake. I always knew he was a little on the flakey side with all these hats, t-shirts and performance art rigmarole.
Grass has done more for ceramics in Canada than any other ceramic artist I know. No potter’s library is complete without at least one of his many books. His workshop itinerary and influence reaches from one side of the world to the other.
I would like to tip the fedora to Grass. Well done, ole sod.  Let us not forget Judi Dyelle his stand behind partner of more than 3 decades. Grass and Judi are truly an iconic pottery couple of international status. 

Pour yourselves a glass of bubbly and toast in the New Year. Keep the tree up for just a while longer. Big time shout out to the both of you, congrats! T


Anonymous said…
A well deserved honor for Robin! Thanks for passing along the good news!

A very happy 2017 to you (and everyone!)

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