How’s she hangin?

The Masked Orange came for a visit yesterday bearing gifts of what else but big oranges. We talked about people going off on each other for saying Merry Christmas or the flip side was saying Happy Holidays instead of saying Merry Christmas. My friend Helga just wrote me Feliz Navidad. I remember Jose Felicano singing that song but what was clearer in my memory was the line- from the bottom of my heart!”
Around here in rural Ontario there are many greetings that are meant to be welcoming, warm fuzzies, ice breakers or just statements that are meant to be personal. If the intention is that the person is wishing you a great day just take it that way.
Thanks Bud, Hey Chief, Buddy, Gidday, Yo dude, How’s she hangin’?

Have a good one!,  
Here in Canada December 25 is a festive day and mostly a day of celebration.  It is a day where we take time to be grateful for our loved ones and friends. We try our level best to be together as a family.  Let it go at that! If someone says Merry Christmas, or How’s she hangin’? -just return whatever you feel says peace and love back atcha. We are all family.
Here are some pots outta the last firing of 2016. Some libation cups and BBQ plates for Alabama. I know I am visiting the land of bourbon and BBQ.  Sweet home Alabama. I look forward to hangin’ with y’all, eh


...dh said…
tc...This past Sunday CBC aired Michael Enright's "The Sunday Edition" interview with Professor Michael Sandel. In the discussion they are trying to get to the bottom of the rise of right wing populism and at about nine minutes in Sandel comments that western emphasis and economies have shifted from "making things" to "making money"; that the left have lost or have a lack of respect for the work associated with making things.

Anyone who has ever been completely, tongue out the side of their mouths, focused on making a thing understands the value of that exercise. Some people I know wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China, except maybe when their back or knees hurt a bit too much or their hands get a bit arthritic but Haha! that's what apprentices are for.

You give a tip of the hat and a thank you to all who have supported you, your friends, pupils and patrons. Those who value your work, your intellect or your friendship enough to invest either their money or time in your world of making things. Keep on keeping on.

Enjoy the south and lets see what the new year brings.. ...dh

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