Scratch, scratch, itch, itch

Scratch has once again woken me from a deep sleep. Scratch is in a very foul mood and relentless in his poking and prodding at me. Since this is day one of my getting back into the studio he was reminding me how easy it is to slip into mediocrity. 
“There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the biggest appetite”- Paul Gaugin
Now back in the studio according to Rob Brezsney’s Freewill Astrology  I have been authorized by the cosmos to fabricate my own temporary religion of playing around and messing around and fooling around. If I’m really successful in the spring I can borrow some money from the poets.
I want to firstly thank those of you that were able to make it to the studio sale on the weekend. Your support is appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Also some pots being shipped this week to those that couldn't be here. 
 A sweet wood fired teapot is in transit to Teresa Dunlop.  My buddy Steve Corner aka Stoner wasn’t able to make it down from the north country fair so he texted and told me to send a picture of something interesting. Steve and his awesome partner Lise have a really nice collection of my work covering many different side roads I have wandered off during my journey. This piece is on it’s way to them now. Quiet and strong, serious but playful, functional yet sculptural and with a commanding presence. Stoner if ya want a title’ Running from the tribe.”

I sat in The Cactus Lounge having a negroni with Jack and I kept looking at this piece and liking it more than the day I took it from the kiln. Scratch had been persistently nagging me to keep going on this work but I weakened. Mediocrity was knocking on my door. This weekend reminded me to  listen to Scratch!.


Sheri Bare said…
Definitely listen to Scratch. Love this piece.

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