Desire has been identified as a philosophical problem since the Dark Ages. Individual desires must be postponed in the name of a higher good.
I think desire is the most important thing going on in your brain. To be without desire is to be dead without actually being dead. The desire to love, the desire to make beautiful objects, the desire to have friendships, the desire to have a welcoming home are a short list of my desires.
And yes Itch
The desire to scratch the itch we can’t scratch.
As artists we often put desire ahead of many practical matters. How spoiled rotten we are to be so well educated doing exactly what many would desire to be doing.
Tonight Jack, Scratch and I are alone. It is still here in The Cactus Lounge. We listen to Coleman Barks recite poetry to the accompaniment of great musicians in the dark so we can hear the words without distraction. There is no distraction of another person.
Tomorrow we will be surrounded by the noise of family- my kids, their kids and some long time friends. The room will be full of good people, good food, good drink and good energy. No more silence!  What more could one’s heart desire? Ahh there is more! There is always more but for now we will drink in the pleasures of what we have on this day.

Bless you all my friends. May your hearts burn with desire.


smartcat said…
You posts are always thought provoking.
Peace and Joy to you, Jack and ol' Scatch!
Anonymous said…
Merry Xmas to all in the cactus lounge!

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