Cowboy with an erection

We unloaded the woodie today to many ya babies and oh sweets. We had some very strong reduction which pleased our copper red Queen Teresa and the cement gray mama Emma. I had a couple of the best jugs I’ve had in some time. The porcelain slip contrasted beautifully with the dark brown high iron stoneware clay. I also had some killer teapots that were gray, blue, yellow and peach.
Anne Marie gave me a little cup for my bourbon shelf that has the imagery of a cowboy with a powerful erection. God, I could only wish with those proportions. What in God’s name was she thinking?
So now I set up for my weekend sale wishing I had more of what I saw today. It is true isn’t it that the best pots are always in this kiln or the next? It is the wonderful thing about this process. You roll the dice and sometimes you roll a seven.

In this wood firing game if ya can’t do the time don’t do the crime. We spent the extra hours getting the kiln even and the results all round were breath taking.


Unknown said…
Those pitchers are the real deal. Amazing work, truly blessed by the fire.
Unknown said…
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Lyne Reid said…
Tony, those pitchers are luscious and yummy!

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