Unburdened by fault!

Who needs Santa when you got good friends. This nice bottle of Hornby Island Craft gin and some gin cups arrived today from my friend Cathi Jefferson. With book keeping woes and Scratch on a tear thanks for making my day, Cathi.
I’ve had a rough day with Scratch. It all started the other morning. He told me his normal waking time is 5 am when he reads 5 different newspapers, looks at the Obits and does some sketching. He said his best sketches were when he just didn’t give a shit whether anyone would like them or not.
I told him I was really interested in this concept since that had also been my experience. I told him I thought I might write a blog post and title it “unburdened by fault”.  Man, Scratch blew a vein and went off on me for being such a pussy! Have you no balls? Have you lost your edge? Remember the cactus your students bought you!!!!! Come on man live up to it! Don’t disappoint me!!!!!! Title the post “ I don’t give a shit!”
Ok, Scratch let me try to calm you and still stay in Santa’s good books.

There are 3 kinds of people that don't really give a shit! #1 There are people like you that live off of what others provide and you don't need anyone to buy your work. #2 complete and utter assholes #3 The old enlightened ones that are all over age 65 and stopped caring sometime ago when they recognized their faults and learned to live with them and sometimes even celebrate them.

I am thinking about New Year’s resolutions for 2017 and I think to start with I’m going to practice not giving a shit a whole lot more. Scratch is on to something.  Be fearless in your making! What is the worst that can happen? You end up surrounded by pots you loved making. Read the book of your life that has been given to you. A voice will come to your soul.  It will tell you if you are a player or being played.


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