The Good, Bad and the Ugly

I have done a workshop for every Guild in and around Toronto and there are several of them. The same guy showed up at each workshop and taped the entire performance. Finally, I said why do you tape the workshop it is much the same from time to time? He said ‘ yes I do love to watch them especially the one where that big bowl you were making flopped! I said “ All the good stuff I did and you like my flop the best!!! Yes, I do!  he answered.
This reminds me of the story of Svend. Svend was sitting in his kitchen looking out over a harbour of fishing boats. He said  “See all those fishing boats. Me, Svend built all those fishing boats. Do they call me Svend the boat builder? No! See all those houses out there!  Me, Svend built all those houses. Do they call me Svend the house builder? No! Then I go make out with one goat and see what they call me!
We are remembered often by that one slip up, the one act of bad judgement, that night on a Halifax peer with one too many drinks, a woman ya just met, a bad tattoo and absolutely no recollection of  how ya got there . All the good you have done  is forgotten by the assembled congregation. You are that minute, that hour, that day forever.
The same with your work. The bad and the ugly will be the topic around Svend’s table. All the good stuff just ain’t as tasty in The Church of the Nasayers.  I Pastor Clennell will give you unspeakable favour in the face of the naysayers as I have shown it all more than once myself.

I like it when I push out the belly of a teapot just until it is ready to split or as in these bowls where I cantilever the rim to a point of collapse. For my friend the camera man here is a bowl that gave up the Holy Ghost. Let it be your favourite moment. Amen!


Ross Munro said…
Are there any peers in Halifax?

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