I wanna play in the Diddely Band

Can you imagine how good you would have to be to play in Bo Diddely’s Band? I once went to see Ron Wood (Rolling Stones) and Bo Diddely in a small club in Toronto. Ron was pretty well in the bag looking ruff and drinking Rebel Yell on stage  That said he was really rocking. Bo was totally on and looking healthy as a horse. I figured Ron was solo in Toronto.  Mrs. Diddely was back at the hotel waiting for Bo and making sure he had his cup a tea and vitamins before going to bed smartly and then getting up at a decent hour for a coffee and a healthy breakfast. There are no short cuts to playing in the Diddley Band. 
Ronnie Wood has defied the hard life as have all the Stones . I do love the title of the new album “Blue and Lonesome.” I wondered if Ronnie was lonesome that night but I’m sure between the Rebel Yell and an off stage groupie he coped alright. Bo may have got chastised by Mrs. Diddley for staying at the club too late and having that last night cap. Hey Bo Diddley- Hey Bo Diddley  bomp, ba-bomp,bomp, bomp-bomp.

When this sale is over Jack and I are going out for a night on the town.


Anonymous said…
Careful not to lose any stuffing, Jack!

Have a great sale!

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