Sometimes when you fall you fly.

It has been that kind of year. One of the best I can remember.
It’s New Years Eve and I think I’m going to get some good drink and food for Jack, The Pastor, Itch, Scratch, Uncle Jimmie, Grass and it would be wonderful if Doc could fly in from Atlanta. I’m going to have a bit of a party here at the lounge. All are welcome as this is a home and not a house.
When there is nothing really else to do make art. Make fabulous art! That is my plan for New Year’s Eve. I’m going to phone Grass and Mrs. Grass Keeper because it is Saturday night and I want them to know I’m thinking of them tonight.
I’m going to make seafood linguini for the cast and I think we’ll wash it down with a dry pino grigio. I’m going to buy some flowers just to cheer the Lounge up a bit and if Uncle Don is up to it we’ll go to Clarke’s for a heart attack on a plate on Sunday morning.  Happy New Year’s everyone. As Neil Gaiman would say” Make mistakes, lots of glorious mistakes. It means you’re doing something. Kisses and hugs to all of you.  

In an interview I heard today of Leonard Cohen he said something like this. There was something I loved so much that when I lost it I began to love everything.


smartcat said…
It is so cool to hear that you had a good year when so many did not!
Happy 2017 to all the denizens of the Cactus Lounge!

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