I never promise you sunsets!

I don’t give you a beautiful sunset each week. If anything I give you an elusive rainbow. The virtual pot of gold that you will find thru day to day working with clay. I give you a cast of characters that represent impulses which can change for better or worse. It is about soul growth and evolving consciousness. Sometimes it is piled higher and deeper than good fly fishing wadders could keep out.
So here is a little how to since what I write is mostly why to.
Here is the Takeshi Yasuda magic coil rolling apparatus.
Take a board and drill a hole in each of four corners. I used a 5/16th drill bit, bolt and nuts. Depending on the thickness of your coil you can add more nuts. Just put down a roughed out coil on the table put the board on top and roll back and forth- Voila a perfectly round coil. What makes it so good is the surface area of the board. I can roll a good coil but I need a lot of them with my new passion for ribbon handles so Takeshi’s board does the job slicker than snot on a cow’s lip.

As my mum used to say when she gave me my allowance “Don’t say I never gave you anything!”  I had my first job at age  11 so I didn’t have feel obliged. That make your own way stubbornness continues to this day. 


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