Homage to Takuro

Pink Shino with shell scars.
We just unloaded the heavy weight champion of my world- Cassius Clay. I had brought some bisque plates home from Starworks and wanted to test some other glazes on them to show to Takuro. He invests so much of his person into the clays that I felt it my duty to give some of my old glaze friends a go. Takuro and Starworks thank you for making my life richer.
Hagi glaze with crack underneath on Dark Star Wild.
I love this plate!
I laid awake most of one night trying to remember the name Hagi. We had used it at Sheridan College and be damned if I could remember the name.
Korean celadon over crack. This one is a sleeper. It is one that if I live with long enough it could become a fav.

Korean celadon and crack- glaze thicker showing the blueness of the Grolleg kaolin.

To pay the bills I put in a few of my pink porcelain vases that are pre Starworks. They are destined for Emma's Vase show in May. I will try to do some in stoneware but my dance card for this month  is already full of firings.

So how did the time at Starworks effect my work? I think more than anything I am even more interested in making marks in the soft clay to show that clay can be manipulated and moved .  It's not wood or steel. It is clay and I am attempting to celebrate that in the making, the glazing and the firing.
I didn't really come home with pots. That after all was not the intent. Most of the past decade has been teaching the old dog's bag of tricks. This was a time to add to the tool box of tricks and revisit some of the old ones. Tomorrow, I start back to work in the studio. Cups- I always start a making cycle with cups. I love to make them. Going to make some teenie weenie ones with handles for Dan.
It's a hook to get him to come visit. He'll want to see what price I put on them.


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