What would I do?

It's Good Friday and those that believe that Christ gave of himself for their sins are at church today. I went for my pilgrimage to Clark's Family Restaurant for my heart attack on a plate bacon and egg breakfast.
That sign kinda looks like a cross, doesn't it?

 It made me think of my Dad the original "Smokie". Given that name because he always was first up to light a fire and cook breakfast all thru my Cubs, Scouts and Rover years. When I was a teen he would take me and my buddies fishing. He would be up to get the wood stove going to cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, baked beans and of course we would have a beer. We were fishing and this was passage into manhood. Something we men are made to feel ashamed of today. Oh ya, we smoked a cigar to keep the mosquitos away.

Hey Dad, look what has become of the kid you raised.

I was listening to Bruce Coburn's The Last Night of the World
If this was the last night of the world 
What would I do? 
What would I do that was different?
Unless it was champagne with you!
I thought if it was the last night in the world I would rush to be with my daughter Robin to share a glass of champagne with her. I thought we'd toast one another, our lives and we wouldn't cry. My son, Jay would want to be with his wife and kids. I'd love to have my arms around all of them.
But then I remembered the last night I spent with my best friend -my dad. He was dying of cancer and home care was no longer an option.   I laid on top of him and we held each other in our arms like two lovers. We cried and we had this moment when we could tell one another how much we loved each other. Thankfully I had that time. Still feel the love 40 years later.
So if you love someone go have your champagne together. That champagne could be bacon, eggs, cigars, or maybe even a chocolate  Easter bunny. 
Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by
We never get to stop and open our eyes
One minute you're waiting for the sky to fall
Then next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all
Lovers in a dangerous time- Bruce Coburn 

 What would I do that is different? Unless it was champagne with you.


gz said…
so fortunate to be with your dad and be able to say what you felt in person.
Keep talking!!

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