Still learning how to fly!

I hit the road early this morning from Pittsburgh, NCECA before the St. Paddy's Day parade started.
I had a car full of stuff that I had made and collected over the nearly 3 months of living in the US. Lots of time to think how much I am going to miss my friends.
Canada Customs officer said " Welcome Home!". You don't know how nice that was to hear.
Learning how to fly by Rodney Crowell was playing on my CD and I thought it so appropriate to how I'm feeling coming off this amazing adventure.
Learning how to fly
My ragged ole heart's been blessed
With so much more than meets the eye
I've got a past I won't soon forget
You ain't seen nothing yet
I'm still learning how to fly.- Rodney Crowell

My loot including a glass cylinder core sample of Dark Star Wild- thank you Takuro Shibata
Just what I need - more pots but hey check out the grits.

Jack the Bear pissed that I left him at home.

It feels great to put my feet up surrounded by the art I have collected that means so much to me. I couldn't leave my new southern love "Dark Star Wild" so I brought her home with me. She doesn't like the cold so I moved her into the bedroom beside me. Both me and my Clyde Jones Outsider Art piece and pack of Ronnie the Rats  will keep her company. I think I have been accused before of sleeping with and dreaming about my clay so I might as well just give up the fight and let her be my lover.
The Unemployment Office

Dark Star Wild

This has been a BIG time for me and I just want to send all my love out to those that made me so welcome in America.  It was a time I won't soon forget.


gz said…
Welcome Home sounds good...just like the Welcome Back Again I got on going to NZ last time...

Travelling is necessary...enlivens the mind and enthuses the spirits ; but its good to come home and use all you've found

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