The North Star

Heading out and leaving  Star and Starworks  behind me. Starworks  is a success story of America at work. The sock factory once employed 1400 people. Can you imagine the impact that kind of  employment had on a small town of presently 860 people? The biggest export of this small US southern town now is the young people. Nowhere to go, nothing to do and no future. Hey wait a minute Star has Therman Stantom producing an installation at Starworks with the help of youth at risk.  Therman is a big deal and works crazy hours. His history more than likely qualifies him big time to be an amazing example to the kids.
If one life is saved thru art it has all been worth it!
Hey stand up and take a bow Nancy Gottovi the brain child of this amazing place. Bravo! Bravo! Funny I was thinking David Stuempfle or maybe it’s Steumpfle???? Seagrove’s original BIG pot man and his partner Nancy Gottovi share one thing in common- THINK BIG!!! Give it form and fire it slow and long. Surround yourself with people that show initiative, work hard and will get your dreams to temperature.
David and Nancy you are lucky to share a life with someone as crazy as you are. Keep thinking BIG!  We artists all benefit from your bravado.
 Next time I arrive at Starworks there will be a espresso bar, 16 taps of beer and Gawd knows what else The Boss Nancy Gottovi  will have  tackled.

All you’re really missing is more of me. Your biggest fan.  I could be your bull shitter in residence. Fred could fill in for me when I fly north. T headed towards the North Star.


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