Vegan glazes and gluten free wadding

Had my first wood firing of the season with The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers. It was a L0VEFEST! Absolutely disgusting displays of love and friendship. What has the planet come to?
Andrea said a woman would only join the Guild if they used vegan glazes. I think this means a bone ash free zone. Synthetic bone ash only!!!!!
 Since my two months of close to vegetarian living in NC I have become a New Aged Sensitive Guy so  I prepared a gluten free wadding for the crew. I usually like to add a bit of bran or flour to the mix but I wanted a gluten free option on the menu.
We had Lake Erie perch dinner pre firing to honour those that eat fish on Fridays. We must think of all things these days.

We fired the kiln with what the Amish have assured me is organic ash and maple- no sprays or preservatives.
My crew all have cast iron stomachs. They will eat anything that walks, swims, crawls or flies (except airplanes). I cooked up some of Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy's ribs and some brats.
Jen had been in Cuba and brought us some s0000000000 glad to see ya Montechristo and Chohiba  cigars which we have been known to enjoy during a firing. Hey, I know the difference between good and bad. Bad is the fun one.
Cassius Clay liked the organic wood we fed him for the duration of the 32 hour firing. No processed wood for The Champ. The Champ performed as we have learned to expect- Cone 11 flat.  We held the kiln for almost 8 hours in the Cone 9-10 zone.


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