No Visuals-11 points for a creative life

Here are the 11 points to a finding a creative path presented by Mur Lafferty Podcaster at the NC Potters Council. She used no visuals so we'll see how that works on my blog. She was a dynamic speaker that kept us all engaged without the aid of visuals. Thanks to my house mate Camille Morin for having the where with all to write them down.

1) Find your own creative path
- once you learn your path, things become easier

2) Be as dumb as a rock
- be too dumb to fail

3) Don’t ask for permission

4) Put you own mask on first
- self care always - sleep, mental health, nutrition - can’t be successful without it

5) Be the emperor!
Story about the emperor strutting around with no clothes on - the lesson there is confidence, everyone will get on board with it Sometimes you can pretend confidence b/c no one knows the difference. Modesty won’t sell your product.

6) Be the worst you can be… be allowed to suck :)
- focusing on perfection can detract from growing through experimentation

7) Learn to lose
- if you win every time you will not know what to do when you lose

8) People who aren’t your friends: your doctor, your senators, critics
The critics are not there for you… reviews are for the consumer, not the creator

9) Sometimes snakes kill, sometimes chocolate kills
-we as creatives compare ourselves to each other all the time… not productive so don’t compare yourself - some people’s strengths are other’s weaknesses

10) Bombing a speech will not kill your career.
- very few things will literally kill your career

- being a jerk WILL kill your career (don’t go ranting in bad form on social media) Be kind- god damn it!


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