Wants versus needs

My pot collection is growing. I can't help myself. Do I need any more pots at The Cactus Lounge- NO? Do I want more pots in my life -YES?  I got these two pieces from David Stuempfle. One massive jug and one nasty vase. I needed the nasty vase since I am a hopeless romantic and buy myself flowers every week. The flowers make me feel good when I dine alone with a nice dinner and a glass of wine. It's called loving yourself or at the very least treating yourself like you would a lover. The big jug I'm not sure it fulfills a function other than a visual function. I collect jugs and I felt my collection would be incomplete without one of David's. He is for me the original big pot man of Seagrove and I like his focus on form, no nonsense, no salt approach to his work. With the length of his firings there is enough vapour that salt is not required. In fact I think salt would erase the beauty he obtains on his pots.
I have one room left in my house that needs pots. The big jug will be a centre piece.


gz said…
pots,like books, are friends

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