Dan's Town

I drove north of Dansville, VA to Dan's Town otherwise known as Fredericksburg, VA. I stayed at Dan Finnegan's cute little house in town. No surprise the house is full to the rafters with pots, books and art.  This is as an artist's house ought to be.  I had a tour of Liberty Town an Arts Centre that built that now houses over 50 artists. An amazing place! Dan really did put his mark on this town. We then went out to the country to visit his awesome pottery stuck out in the middle of nowhere.  The place is complete with a two storey outhouse. I can see why Dan wants his town and his way of life to be his final resting place. It has energy- book stores, great restaurants, antique stores, the best coffee I've ever tasted, and beautiful homes. Dan knows everyone in town. We went out to a Greek pizza joint and 4 different couples walked in. Dan knew, greeted and hugged them all. He is the unofficial Mayor of Dan's Town. I too like familiarity but my life keeps me on the move. Be careful what you wish for.
There was the threat of a snow storm in PA so I headed out of Dan's Town, VA hoping to beat it here. I arrived and it had just been a scare. I have a 3 day workshop to do at Kevin Lehman's studio in Lancaster, PA so true to form I like to be on time. I arrived to find my long time suffering editor Lois Wilkin's had checked in so we went out for dinner.

I'm now in my motel room- alone and loving it. Dan, Camille and I got along famously but I haven't had a night alone since Jan 3rd. I had forgotten how good my own company can be.


gz said…
Sounds a good place to visit..but yes, sometimes you need your own company
Camille said…
Dan's Town... I love it! I had last night in my own place here in DC and it was hella sweet. But there is work left to be done so Monday I'm back at it. When I return for good it will be so much better for my time away. So grateful!
Godspeed Tony!
Kanokporn said…
sometimes you need your own company

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