What would my interior decorator say?

I picked up my new medicine cabinet in an antique store in Ashboro, NC. I showed it to Doc and all he managed to say was "0h!" I love it and it is perfect for
The Cactus Lounge and my eclectic taste. I guess I had better never move outta this place. It is becoming pretty personal.

I remember years ago my lawyer's wife bought a wire cage lamp base that was supposed to be filled with beach stones. Their cottage was on the water with a lovely shore of beach stones.  She wanted me to pick the stones for the lamp base. I laughed it off. I thought she was kidding!  She then paid for her interior decorator to drive 120 miles from Toronto to pick rocks.
On this trip I witnessed a woman going to the paint store to have them paint a room to match a vase. This set me to worrying all the way home whether or not I had picked the right colour for my bathroom. I'd been gone so long I couldn't remember what colour my bathroom was. Thank God the rusty blue goes with the grey of my bathroom.  I'd have been on the phone with the painter tomorrow to make it right.
I like making choices and like that my home is visually interesting. I told Doc he should buy the Lisa Orr butter dish that he was fondling. I said if you have someone over for dinner and they don't comment on the butter dish you put in front of them then never invite them again. They are boring!
I saw one of the students from UGA that helped at Ronnie's wood firing at NCECA dressed as Little Red Riding Hood complete with a white suitcase. She looked absolutely amazing. Character spilling out all over. Yes to having your own mind. Yes to being an individual! Yes to being different! Yes to being you!


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