You can run

but you can not hide. When you are an artist that makes work and puts it out in the world it can be a reminder of how far you have come.
I got invited over for dinner to the house of Amy Burk tonight. Amy was in my class today and is on the Board of the Pennsylvania Guild of Crafts and The Strictly Functional Show along with Kevin Lehman who hosted today's workshop. There in her living room were two pots by Seagrove potter Fred Johnston. These were pots made by Fred at U of Pennsylvania - State College in the mid 90"s where he was a student along with Amy.

 Compare these pots with what Fred is up today. Man there is hope for all of us. Fred Johnston and his wife Carol Gentithes are two of the leading artist potters in Seagrove today. Amazing gallery quality work.

Make work every day, keep your eye on the prize and don 't forget rule #2- Be as dumb as rock. Don't be afraid to fail. If we only put our very best out in the marketplace we'd probably starve to death. I know I have some scary pots in my past. I'll try my best to not make any more but no promises.


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