My Hard Earned Rocognition

I've skyrocketed to recognition over the past 40 years of making pots. 
Every week I read Bob Brezney's Free Will Astrology He is an awesome writer of horoscopes. I only pay attention to the ones I like. The shitty ones I ignore.
Today Bob bestowed on me a new diploma for my advanced degree from the School of Hard Knocks. I see it as a Post Doctoral degree. Students from the U of Helsinki are given swords, hats and a diploma. I am supposed to reward myself with some exotic props. 

Well, thanks Bob but I have already indulged. I bought two pork chop fedoras in PA at a hat store. Some like shoes, I like hats. A man can never wear too many hats- correct, Grass? I also stopped by Crazy Jerry's here in town to my favourite local outsider artist. He was smoking ciggies and cutting metal as usual. I got this saw for when someone wants to borrow mine.

The Lounge is still full of invoices and things to be attended to but I did manage to make a pink shino glaze and start getting ready for the "Eh, Team" or otherwise known as The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers to arrive this weekend. I'm excited to fire with them and see what they have been making. Each time there is growth. We are growing a tree of high quality hard wood. 
It's time for me to stop screwing the pooch and selling the pups. I need to make some good work. Andrew came over for cheese grits, sausages  greens and a beer tonight. He bounced a few ideas off me. I am lucky to have nurtured a great clay family. 
PS: I got an official invitation to be a presenter at The Strictly Functional Show in Ohio 2019. I am thrilled! Thank you Cary Hulin for throwing my hat into the ring.


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