Tony's Ewer House

A fourth ewer moved into my ewer house. I can't resist Bruce's ewers. I find them just so damn sexy! I picked this one up at the North Carolina Potters Conference. I particularly liked the spout attachment that leaves ya wondering if it will leak. It don't!
Bruce being ever so smart in the Marketing Dept brought 2 pots and then delivered a brilliant talk which had people wanting more of him. I already knew what he is capable of so I was there with my number to get my first choice.
I need another ewer like a hole in the head. That said I would like to add one of my friend Jen Drysdale's to the ewer house. A man can never have enough ewers.
So there I am with two southern belles from the Deep South working on something sauve and debonair  to say and along comes Bruce Dehnert to give me his lovin'. Geezus Bruce your timing is impeccable.
In the pic is Lisa Watson from Ole Miss on my left was Shelley Leigh of Sweet Home Alabama. I am the richest man in the world. NCECA is such an amazing gathering of friends. I'm still popping throat lozenges to try to get my voice  back. 


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