Taking the Macho Outta Bigware

We started Friday night with a viewing of my DVD " Taking the Macho Outta Big ware". After the viewing they wrote on the chalk board in the kitchen- generous, basically and substantial which I repeat over and over again during the film. Ok, Hollywood is not in my future. We then started the bottom piece to be finished this morning with coil and throw and other sections as needed. Joni is on to this sectional throwing and was the first one with a big pot. I showed them two examples from the collection- Chester Nealie of Oz and our own Murf. Joni chose to do a Tony. Here is a lady that understood my article "Romancing the Buzzards".
Heidi is taking the weekend away from Buck and we are firing the train. Nice to open the cone cupboard and see such organization and variety of cones. We have a nice load of pots so we are each doing 10 hour shifts till the train pulls into the station. We will do the reduction cool together. We have included young Peter's pots in the firing and he is going for the ride with us. Wish us good fire!


Bon Feu!
Y'all tweaking those pots with a little ash, iron slip, and terra sig? Can't wait to see the battleship unload her cargo.
Anonymous said…
i never knew joni had it in her!
that lip piercing MUST mean she's macho!
John said…
"her and I" ?

Watch out, the nitpickers are everywhere!
Taylor said…
Now that's a coffin you can lay down in. RIP, Tony, or better yet rip it up.

Tay Tay

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