Trader Joe

Remember Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Trader Joe?

I must be Trader Joe. Almost all the nice craft in the house is the result of barter/trading. I can't afford the work I love and I am grateful to have so many friends that make great work and happen to like mine. So we trade! The best part about trading is that both think they got the best part of the deal. I traded a couple of nice wood fired pieces with Mary Philpott for these two giant tiles. Boy, did I ever score! I love the crow. Crows are among my favourite birds. Most people don't share my love of them. They are noisy, bossy but mostly they are extremely smart.They can apparently remember a face and they hold grudges. Don't ever cross a crow.
Hey that table was a trade with Stephen Hogbin my old neighbour and one of the best wood guys on the planet. He authored Appearance and Reality. It is a recommended read.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Unfortunately certain revenue bean counters considers these trades as taxable. I'd mind my P's and Q's about talking too much about this.
Dennis Allen said…
Really nice looking tiles.
June Perry said…
Beautiful tiles! I once read that crows in some spiritual texts are known as messengers; but what message is anyone's guess.

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