I died this summer!

Today I made some bowls in preparation for my class tomorrow at Sheridan where we will be making some 5 lb bowls. Well they started out to be bowls and they grew a thrown foot and a pulled and thrown handle. The other part of my mind was thinking about a great group from the Hamilton Potters Guild(now 400 members strong)  I am mentoring for the next year on wood firing and I was thinking about surface and adding ledges, edges and bits and pieces to grab a hold of the fly ash. A visiting customer asked where is the potter they visited last summer  that used to make the pots for the showroom. I said he died this summer! They looked at me, apologized,  took no pictures and left me in peace.


ShellHawk said…
OK, that's hilarious!

Just remember, you can only get away with being dead once! ;)
Unknown said…

I have used the same line with the folks from the Alumni Affairs office, political parties, and many other annoying organizations.
smartcat said…
Oh you devil!
Cool bowls? baskets?

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