Hot dogs

The Hamilton Potters Wood fire mentor ship group gathered at Pinecroft to fire the bourry box wood kiln. The kiln sailed up to Cone 10 in 24 hours on some ash and pine. We held it there for another 8 1/2 hours. This was not really by choice. The kiln just decided it wasn't going to budge another inch. So with time and temperature equaling heat work we got a Cone 11 flat on the bottom and just tipping at the top. I was a little puzzled by the kilns reluctance to move but I guess the information lies inside. Wood kilns are designed to keep you humble. Just when ya think you know it all they bite you right on the arse. It wasn't a nasty bite but one that wakes you from a sleep. What a great group of people I am working with. There was talk of them getting all emotional and teary eyed when this is all over in January. I know the dogs will miss them. Here is Roxy and Maggie getting some luvin' from Emma after they swam in the pond. It is hot work for a dog to supervise a firing for a fortnight.


Dan Finnegan said…
Think of all that extra ash, Tony! Sounds like a great soak to me.

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