Cat herding graduation diploma

At the end of 2015 I hope to qualify for my Cat Herding Graduation Diploma. Today we are glazing for the train kiln and there are a bunch of pots to be glazed and wadded. To add to all the confusion there are probably at least 15 different shinos. Oh but I wanted to try the Svend Bayer shino and it isn't here! So many shino options the cats are chasing their tails. It is a wonderful multi million dollar facilty here with a lake, and the most beautiful old buildings being used for galleries and all kinds of art , craft, performance, dance and music. How lucky to live close to the Shadbolt Arts Centre.

This is really the most organized ceramic group I have ever run across. The studio has a train, soda and pizza ovens built by Ted Neal. There is also raku, smoke firings, and plans for a new Blaau car kiln. Everything here is top drawer. Well, better get back to the Cat house. Actually it is more like a dog house since the wood firing team has more guys than women. Can't wait to load tomorrow and pull the train outta the station. 


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