What the Hell???

Here are a few wee ones from the wood firing last weekend. We have another to unload tomorrow. I know what goes through the minds of those that need "Cookies" written on their jars. Oh, it's a cookie jar. Great, I know what to use it for.  What the hell can you use that perfectly good yunomi you put that cross over handle on? Answer: Bacon. What the hell are all those handles on that wee jug of yours for. Answer: Bacon grease!. What did you do that double handle on that perfectly good coffee cup for? Answer: That is a coffee cup used to wash down your heart attack on a plate greasy spoon eggs and bacon breakfast! What the hell did you put those little doo dad handles on those little shooter cups for? Answer: After a good greasy spoon breaky you need a couple of stiff shots of bourbon. The wee handles stop the cup from slipping out of your fingers. I'm going to have a sale on all this pottery. If you pay double the price of any of my pots your second one will be free. I'm feeling really generous this evening. It is after

all Saturday night which is my favourite night to listen to The Blues.


Ginger said…
Fork over the goods.


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