The Train Gang- Shadbolt Train Station

It is Culture Day here at the Shadbolt Centre and there are hundreds of people visiting while we pull the train outta the station. Many have rushed up the hill to tell us we are having a major chimney fire. How do you stop a train??????? That has been the puzzle of the day as this kiln just wants to move. We have had Cone 12 at the front for some time now and the back has evened out with a good Cone 10 bend. It is a combination of a beautifully designed/built kiln, a great crew and some wood that goes off like kindling. Everything around here is so clean and well organized. I was embarassed to see Jay the teacher/tech going around with a spray bottle to clean the carbon off the kiln as we fired it. He can't help himself. I think the kiln is the car he wished he owned. Linda Doherty has been an amazing help here. She does it all and wants to be part of everything right from the get go. What an amazing energizer bunny. After we shut the kiln down they had pizza ready to cook in the pizza oven by the wood kiln. This was another of Ted Neal's constructions so it too is picture perfect. Today I do a making demo so I hope they don't all fall asleep on me.


Trish said…
HI Tony... So happy for you that all is going SO well at the Shadbolt.. Yes, Linda is an energizer bunny ! and inspiration. Cheers, Trish
Unknown said…
They are an amazing group and always put on a fine event. Thanks for today, Tony.
Unknown said…
And a sweet cutting board as well.

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