Wild Rice

Yesterday my new found stoking buddy Frank " The Shark" Turco took me to visit the studio of Keith and Celia Rice- Jones in an urban area of Burnaby. They have a fabulous studio and house complete with gas car kiln and soda kiln. The garden is littered with some incredible sculptures of Keith's. I love the scale of his work. Keith is the sculptor and Celia is the pot maker. Both are extremely talented artists making some awesome work. We had tea in a house full of great pots- yes Richard Batterham of the UK was present and some great work by Aussie Paul Davis that I had not seen before.  Check out their website http://www.wildricestudio.com/. I keep tellin' ya how blessed I am to meet so many fabulous people in the clay family.
Last night at my talk I had a wee bit of Sheridan alumni present - Alwyn O'Brien who was my student in the first year of my teaching some 15 years ago, Freddie Rahn, Sarah Coote and my collegue Ying- Yeuh  Chuang who is now teaching here full time. Good things for good people. The train kiln is firing now and we have the luxury of trying to hold it back. It is hard to stop a train. Cone 12 has been down at the front for sometime and we have 9 down at the very back. We will work away at evening the kiln out. ETA is 4 o'clock so we have 4 hours of holding to come.  The train gang are all excellent. This is the easiest firing I have ever had. Toot, toot!


sddonlon said…
Beautiful yard art!!

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