Flower Power

Here is a correction to my blog post " Loss of Words" about Grass Hopper. Judi emailed me tonight and gave this correction. Grass has a blood clot on his lung caused by the tumour on his liver.  So with that duly noted we can all be assured that the Grass is still green side up. Grass seems concerned about his dang garden! He is truly a flower child to the end.  Passion!
This Labour Day weekend seems to be giving me the rope a dope, one, two, three punch.
News today that friend,musician and major pottery collector Jacques Israelievitch has died. He lived his music and pots to the end. He gave recitals until very recently.  I believe even from his bed side he and family played music. Jacques ordered 15 yunomi's from the AKAR Yunomi Invitational this May. His house has thousands of beautiful pots everywhere. I mean it -everywhere! You will be missed by the arts community. My deepest sympathies to Gabrielle and family. Rest in peace, Jacques!
Also news tonight that BB King the reigning king of the blues died. Playing the blues in his 89th year. In an interview with Holger Peterson of Saturday Night Blues BB said "What else would I do?"Ahh then a friend reminded me I live in a vacuum. BB died awhile ago and I was listening to a re run of the program. I really must slow down and listen to the news at least. My friend Grass has been warning me to slow down the pace. Ok, Grass I'm sitting here listening to the Grass grow. I think I can hear it!
Passion seems so evident in people that excel! Being involved in the creative process is such a wonderful gift. Tip of the hat
to those that have so willingly shared their passions with us. Jacques and BB have left us so much great music and we as potters are so lucky to be able to leave lasting objects behind too! With that in mind make the very best work you can. It's gonna be a round a looooooooong time!


Unknown said…
I'm confused...BB King died back in May, I believe. I am so sad about your friend Robin...he is a giant. I hope he is reveling in his garden and being well-loved by his friends and family for a long time to come.

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